1. Introduction
Established in 1907, Sichuan Business Vocational College, whose precursor was Chengdu Women’s Academy of Silkworm and Mulberry, has transcended the boundary between two centuries in the field of vocational education.


The college is located in the central urban place, Chengdu City, the industrial base for advanced and innovative technology, the center for logistics of business and trade, finance, and comprehensive transportation hub in southwestern China.


Sichuan Business Vocational College is the state-run fulltime general institute of higher education whose qualification for education is certified by the state, founded under the approval of People’s Government of Sichuan Province, kept on record by the Ministry of Education of the State, directly under the supervision of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce.


The unique institute of higher education in Sichuan Province for business which integrates domestic and international trading.


Key cultivating and training base in Sichuan Province for high quality and advanced Techniques of modern business.


Demonstrative Base of International Development for Sichuan Cuisine in Sichuan Province.


The base for the talents of electronic commerce in Sichuan Province.


The college is the Advanced Unit among Institutes of Higher Education for  Graduates’ Employment in Sichuan Province. Also, the employment rate for graduates in recent consecutive years has exceeded 96%, ranking the top among the institutes of higher educations in Sichuan Province.


There are 9000 students, 478 faculty members containing 95 teachers with senior titles which include 12 professors.


学院现有物流实训基地、国际贸易综合实训基地、连锁专业综合实训基地、市场营销创新创业实训基地等,校企共建有海尔实训基地、千水实训基地、力方实训基地、艾民儿实训基地、国际贸易工作室、市场营销实训公司、商物通物流公司、京东电子商务实训室、会计金融实训室、北大青鸟软件工程师培训中心等校内实践教学基地,以及四川中和会计师事务所、安得物流、苏宁电器、成都鹏派服装进出口有限责任公司、深圳千水艺术设计、深圳凯宾斯基酒店、成都廊桥、海尔成都工贸、娃哈哈四川分公司等校外实训基地,真正实现了“双主体”办学。Nowadays, Sichuan Business Vocational College has owned the practical base for logistics, comprehensive practical training bases for international trading, chain-business as well as innovation and entrepreneurship of marketing. Other on-campus practical and teaching bases jointly established by the college and enterprises include Haier Practical Training Base, Qian Shui Practical Training Base, Li Fang Practical Training Base, Aiminer Practical Training Base, international trading studio, the practical training company for marketing, the logistics company for E-commerce, Jing Dong Practical Training Room for electronic Business, the practical training room for accounting and finance, APTECH Training Center for Software Engineers. Besides, off-campus practical training bases have successfully delivered the Dual Parties Running the School through other bases cooperatively set up with Sichuan Zhong He Accounting Firm, ANNTO Logistics, Suning Applicance, Chengdu Peng Pai Clothing Import and Export Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Qian Shui Art Design, Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen, Chengdu Lang Qiao, Chengdu Haier Industry and Trade, and Wahaha Chengdu Branch, and etc.


One century of journey in vocational education has been accompanying with Sichuan Business Vocational College. For one-hundred-years history, led by the spirit in the mottos as, Effective College and Enterprise Cooperation, Informatization in Education, and International School-running, and as Cross-borders, Cross-trade, and Cross-professions, the beautiful college has prepared to open her arms and welcome the students from all over the world.


2. Brief Introduction of Communication and Cooperation for International Education


学院与英国、韩国、新西兰、马来西亚、老挝、台湾等国家和地区的10 余所院校和教育培训机构建立了长期友好合作关系。
The College has established long-term and friendly cooperative relationships with more than 10 schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes from the UK, South Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Laos, and Chinese Taiwan.


In May, 2016, a cooperative agreement on the enrollment of 30 foreign students from Laoswas jointly singed by Sichuan Business Vocational College and Education Bureau Luang Namtha Province, Laos. Meanwhile, it also determined the investment, teaching staff and facilities, institutional improvement, and teaching management. The most qualified source in Sichuan Business Vocational College has been put into students’ life and learning. In January, 2017, 4 teachers, on behalf of the college, escorted the students back to their hometown in Laos, and then delivered relevant report, paid home visit, and did some research as well.


3. Program Arrangement


There are 29 programs at present which have formed seven main professional modules including economy and trading, marketing, financial accounting, electronic business and logistics, tourism services, electronic information, and art design. Please refer to the following table for details about the program arrangement for the enrollment of international students in 2017.







Number of seats reserved for International Students:10


收取费用表 Miscellaneous Cost

N0 名称 Particulars 人民币 RMB
1 报名费 Registration Fees 150
2 中国体检费/年
Health check at China/per year
(Assistance provided)
3 居留许可证申办费/年
Student Visa/per year
(Assistance provided)
4 留学生保险/年
Student Insurance/per year
(Assistance provided)
5 住宿费/年 Accommodation/per year 1200


优惠政策 Offer
Scholarships are awarded in the form of a tuition fees, accommodation fees, books fees waiver.(insurances fees are borne by the recipient

Allowance: RMB 600 per month per student, pay by 10 months per year


Main Course
Employment direction

Channel Development and Management, Modern marketing techniques, Business negotiation and communication, Customer Relationship Management, Advertising Theory and Practice


This major is mainly for the commerce and trade industry, manufacturing industry and government departments, engaged in product (service) market development, customer service, planning, organization, implementation of product and brand marketing, sales, channel management and maintenance work, such as network marketing training

Logistics Management

Basic knowledge of logistics and facilities, logistics and warehousing distribution management practices, logistics procurement management and customer service, logistics transportation and international logistics, logistics cost control and management.


The talents cultivated by this major are mainly located in warehouse management, distribution management, procurement and supply, market development and operation of third-party logistics companies, transportation management and dispatch, inventory management and control, etc.

E-commerce basics, web design and production, online store management, online merchandise display and design, online marketing practices, online shop promotion, mobile e-commerce, online store visual marketing planning.
The professional training talents are mainly located in network marketing, online online trading, network marketing management, online market research, network marketing planning, online customer service, website editing, online advertising agency, publishing, network customer relationship management, network payment settlement management, etc.
Basic accounting, teller practice, financial accounting practice, corporate taxation practice, cost accounting, accounting informationization, etc.
This major is mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations in the commerce and trade circulation industry, manufacturing industry, and other industries. They work in cashiers, accounting, internal accounting supervision, financial management, and daily accounting management, as well as accounting firms, tax accountants, and other organizations. Intermediary agencies engage in or participate in accounting services, audit and audit, tax returns, and accounting consulting services.
烹饪工艺与营养Cooking Process
and Nutrition
Cooking Nutrition and Hygiene, Cooking Materials, Introduction to Cooking, Cooking Technology, Sichuan Cuisine Technology, Pastry Making Process
This major is mainly for various types of restaurants, hotels and other catering companies engaged in cooking technology (cooking stoves, noodles, cold dishes, Western food, etc.) and auxiliary kitchen management jobs.
环境设计艺术Environmental Design Art 居住空间设计,商业空间设计,景观设计,室内陈设设计
Living Space Design, Commercial Space Design, Landscape Design, Furnishing Design
This major is mainly for architectural decoration and real estate companies, construction industry or environmental art design related industries, engaged in interior design, landscape design, environmental art design digital performance and production, furniture design, display design, architectural exterior decoration design, stage design and other work post.